About Us

About Us

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To start , “We advocate financial literacy, the use of resources and generational wealth.” 

Equally important, we’d like business owners to join our Virtual Business Networking group on Facebook – The Hub.  We’re a SWaM member… certification number 726486. Also, we are BBB certified.  Let’s connect via Linktree.

Our Beginning

Ms. Land, started as a licensed a life insurance agent in 2012. Shelly was a notary for two decades. Then she progressed to a certified notary signing agent and remote online notary via the National Notary Association. Shelly invested in all of the opportunities offered by NNA to enhance her notary business. 

That same year, she advanced to life insurance broker and a Legal Shield Senior Director.

Consequently, Land Enterprises, LLC was established in 2017. What is more, Shelly is a property manager, and offers credit building resources.  As well as, business set up resources.  Additionally, Shelly was NACSO (National Association of Credit Services Organization) certified, as well as, bonded and registered to conduct a credit resolution business. 

To add, in December 2019, she decided to relocate. However, due to the pandemic… those plans changed.  Therefore, she has temporarily discontinued life and later health  insurance services. 

Please subscribe to our YouTube channels. They will showcase resources for business or personal enrichment. Then there’s one featuring our graphic designs – LE Digital. Lastly, Your Financial Path. This will include financial education. In due time, real estate, freight broker/dispatcher and other professional services will be available.

Additionally, Ms. Land is a forever learner.  She was thrilled when asked to be a mentor via Coursera. A reputable online learning platform. 

Generational wealth

We hope you find value in this blog. We promote taking initiative as a means of empowerment.  Information is readily available for you. Our goal is to promote resources to implement self-help.  There are affiliate links on the sidebar, as well as, highlighted words within posts. 

In closing, we strive to use this platform to enlighten.  We showcase other businesses and motivate.

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