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“To begin, if you started on this tab… hello… I’m Shelly… I want to help others… help themselves! Being self-employed is great, but it takes time amongst other things. There’s a plethora of information via my affiliate links, the bold words throughout, and within most images (please use them and thank you).  As well as, independent websites to assist you on your journey. 

Moreover, everyone has different paths and factors to consider/research… such as demographics or funding to name a few… so take your time… be proactive. To add, here’s a link for work from home opportunities that could possibly supplement your income.  Also, jobs are listed here. We All Can Land On The Path To Greatness”

Land On The Path To Greatness
Shelly land
Certified SWaM/Small, Women, and Minority Business Owner

Want to Start A Business?

Use of this agency’s logo and website’s link does not imply an endorsement, preferential treatment, or suggest a relationship that does not exist. Check out their site if you’re interested in starting a business


Businesses that have or expect to have employees should incorporate before hiring them.

If you run your business as a sole proprietorship, you as an individual are liable and your personal assets are at risk.

However, if you have incorporated, the corporation or LLC is the employer and takes on this liability risk.


Get your FEIN.  Federal Tax Identification Number. This is not an affiliate link.

Business Credit

When you apply for a DUNs Number with D&B, the Data Universal Numbering System issues a nine-digit number that is unique to your company.

This DUNs number is used to create your business credit file, similar to how your social security number is used to identify your personal credit reports. Once on the site, scroll to the free option if you don’t want to pay for expedited service.

Professional Email, Business Number, Domain and Resources

I use google for my emails and my business phone numbers.

Accept payments with Square

Get a free mobile card reader or inquire about prices for the point of sale system.

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Also, you may consider Cash App, a mobile payment service developed by Square, Inc., to transfer or receive money.

Need Marketing Materials?

Vistaprint has everything you need. I strongly recommend them because they are user friendly.   

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Zazzle has a variety of options too, click on this link to sign up.

Your Financial Path

We offer credit building/restructuring services now. So, check out our website.

Also, you may consider Robinhood.  They provide free stock options, and it’s account minimum is $0. is another option to consider.

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I personally use Fax.Plus for my home office. However, another option, MyFax, could be great for small businesses as well. (click onthe link for Fax.Plus or the image for MyFax.

Get registered with Yelp.


QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit.

QuickBooks products are geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions.

design a blog

Start with an amazing logo!!! You can make it free or pay to use your creation.


It has never been easier to create blogs on WordPress. First, pick a domain name, then select a host. I love Dreamhost!

Second, install WordPress (it should be user-friendly guidelines via your host if not contact their tech support).  BlueHost is another host used by many bloggers.

GoDaddy is a well known option.

I selected a few companies, take time to research which one works for you.  HostGator is another popular choice.

Lastly, customize your blog and create content! I would like to try WPEngine one day. 

create a website

You can build a website on WordPress, however, I am a stickler for keeping your options open. I created my first website via Wix. 

Also, you can try Weebly. I used them before. Click on the link for more info.

Create your online store and start selling. Try it today at!

BigCommerece is another option.

Stackpath is a platform used to improve your website/blog’s speed and security.  No credit card required. 30 Day Free Trial. 24/7 Monitoring & Support.  I use it, and it’s very effective.  

Vimeo is an ad-free open video platform, providing HD video viewing services.

Office Supplies

Get all of your supplies for your home office online!  Try Office Depot/ OfficeMax.

Also, Staples is another option.

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