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For the purpose of, advocating education, there’s a few links to schools you may find useful.  Furthermore, it is important to continue your education whether you’re enhancing skills or learning a trade.  Summing up, research to see which one works for you.

Shaw Academy

First, I want to share Shaw Academy.  I noticed this platform on Groupon. Additionally, it seemed interesting because of the many programs. 


Secondly, is an online platform offering courses from universities and institutions everywhere.  I received one of my certificates via this site.


Third, is Fortis College. They offer associate degrees and program certificates for students interested in pursuing careers in fields like business, healthcare technology, legal services, medical and information technology.

So, check them out locally in Norfolk, VA

As well as, online.

Linkedin Learning

Forth, you can access 13,000 courses via Linkedin.  Also, the first month is free and you can cancel anytime.  

Rosetta Stone

Fifth, is Rosetta Stone Inc., an education technology software company that develops language, literacy and brain-fitness software.


Sixth, is, an online learning platform aimed at professional adults.


Seventh, is Coursera. Learn online and earn valuable credentials from top universities like Yale, Michigan, Stanford, as well as leading companies. I completed two courses online and after an exemplary performance, I was offered an opportunity to become a mentor for the photography and social psychology programs. 

Kaplan IT Training

Lastly, Kaplan provides IT (information technology) certification practice exams, practice labs, and online learning courses.

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