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About Us

About Us

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Greetings! Land Enterprises, LLC is a family-owned business established in 2017. Our mission is to promote financial education, generational growth, and resources to the community. We will host events and seminars. As well as, collaborate with other businesses and exchange referrals to obtain our goals.

Shelly Land, owner, was licensed as a life insurance agent in 2012.  As well as, a National Agents Alliance life insurance broker, and Legal Shield Senior Director until resigning February 2019.  Also, Shelly is a certified SWaM Small, Women, and Minority Business Owner, Hampton Roads Urban League Member, and eVA vendor.  

Additional Services

To add, Ms. Land has been a notary public for 19 years, and a National Notary Association certified mobile signing agent since 2016. Moreover, Shelly is a property manager.  

We will offer eNotary services, real estate, credit repair, commercial move-in move-out cleaning, and other professional services in due time.  

Further, we’d like business owners to join our Virtual Business Networking group on Facebook.  And if you’re seeking work from home or other opportunities such as school or a new job there are links provided.i

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Generational Growth

Creating generational growth for your family is vital. Understand your financial health. At the same time, commit to maintaining your physical and mental health too.  Videos and tips will be here soon.

Feel free to utilize this blog, plan and make investments, such as a life insurance policy, contact Laurent Statefarm for all of your insurance needs.

We hope you find value in this blog. Information is readily available for you. We feel that utilizing  resources to self-help will lower your overhead… which is empowering. There are links on the sidebar, as well as within posts. 

In closing, we strive to use this platform to enlighten, promote others and motivate. We all can land on the path to greatness.

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