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Greatness: My Perception

Greatness:My Perception

To start, greetings all and thank you for visiting! This platform will be utilized to network, inform, and uplift. We all can land on the path to greatness.

I discuss our business in the About Us tab, however, allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Shel, Shel, s to the… just kidding, I love Jay Z. 

Hi! I’m Shelly, and I want to relish in my awesomeness.  I’m a proud single mother of five, GG (Glamma Goddess) of four. Despite the obvious obstacles, I pursued my dreams.  In 2000, I independently launched Shell’z Cellz, a cell phone activation company.

Fun fact: When T-Mobile launched I was one of the first authorized retailers in this area. 

Proud Single Mom

It is invigorating and beneficial to have my children as teammates… because for a while daycare wasn’t necessary. 

I remember, the youngest, at three would ask folks, “Do you have a cell phone? You want to buy a house?” (I was a mortgage consultant at the time.  Actually, I juggled a few businesses over two decades trying to make ends meet… had to clock in a few times too). 

Another memory, is of my oldest son, then sixteen, stating, “I want to leave a legacy, and build an empire.” With regards to this, that following year he started college and I enrolled with him. Proud moment, because I left school to focus on work and being his mother. Hands down, his words continue to resonate with me… profoundly.

Recently, he built his own computer! His siblings, my granddaughter and I assisted with adding a few parts. It was an amazing experience.  He’ll be officially launching a few endeavors shortly!

Moreover, I am selfless, innovative, enjoy traveling, creating, networking, karaoke, love humor and a host of music genres. Also, I’m a twin and we share a lot of this in common.  Unfortunately, we have identical health issues as well. 

More About Me

As it stands, my twin and I are committing to a healthier lifestyle. Mental and physical wellness are key components. Taking care of yourself has to be a top priority. 

Indeed, I have creative attributes from my mother. As well as, an entrepreneurial, outgoing spirit and love of music from my father. Equally important, my giving, nurturing characteristics, and strong work ethic are thanks to my maternal grandparents.

To add, I’m not particularly tech-savvy. Yet, I look at marketing materials I produced for myself and clients in the past… such as one of my first websites and I’ve come a long way! Heeheee!

I like listening to my favorite tunes while blogging, so I may include a song every now and again.


Greatness: my perception, image in black and white, deck with paper, pen and laptop

What’s more, I am goal oriented. In brief, I remember wanting to launch a publication for promoting my designs, along with other crafty folks. Well thanks again grandma, I’m improvising same as you did… no magazines… but I have two blogs so far (one was acknowledged on a 2018 Top 100 blog list) and a website.

Further, I started my education at NSU as a nervous 17-year-old and look forward to completing as an unwavering GG (it’s an acronym for Glamma Goddess, psst, I am aware I should say, grandmother). By the way, I absolutely adore my grandchildren! 

Notice how I talk about myself, but I mention my family. Unquestionably, my children/grandchildren are the reason I’m great… I live for them… through them. I love them immensely. Regardless of what life brings me… as long as they’re good… my job is done.

Periodically, I will showcase my family and friends’ endeavors.  As well as, other thriving local businesses. 

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What does being great mean to you?

Greatness: my perception, street leading to a path with sunlight shining on the path

Lastly, owning up to my misgivings, perseverance, and working on a better me is monumental.  Success and obstacles (which only build character) keeps me driven. 

Implement self-love, work on short-term goals, plan long-term goals.  Ultimately, greatness exudes from within us, not items of monetary value. Focus on having a peace of mind (I’m a work in progress). I’ve been self-employed for two decades, now I’m striving to be an entrepreneur.

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