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Greatness: My Perception

Greatness: My Perception

Greetings all and thank you for visiting! This platform will be utilized to network, inform, and uplift. We  all can land on the path to greatness.

In the About Us section, I summed up our business, however, allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Shel, Shel, s to the, just kidding, I love Jay Z. 

Hi! I’m Shelly, and I want to relish in my awesomeness.

I am a proud single mother of five ambitious young adults and consider my nephew one of my own. I recall my oldest son, as a teen, stating, “I want to leave a legacy.” His words continue to resonate with me… profoundly.  

I am selfless, innovative, enjoy traveling, networking, karaoke, and a host of music genres.  

I should add, I acquired creative attributes from my mother. Also, an entrepreneurial, outgoing spirit and love of music from my father. Giving, nurturing characteristics, and a strong work ethic thanks to my maternal grandparents.

I’m not particularly tech-savvy. Recently, I looked at marketing materials I produced for myself and clients in the past. I’ve come a long way.

I take pleasure in listening to my favorite tunes while blogging. From time to time, I will include a song I’m listening to.

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I want to commit to a healthier lifestyle. Mental and physical wellness are key components. Taking care of yourself has to be a top priority.  Fortunately, my sons are health conscious. I will share tips as I learn.

I am goal oriented, and once fancied having a publication to promote my designs (another endeavor), along with other crafty folks. Well, as usual, I’m improvising, thanks again grandma, she always worked everything out. 

Further, I started my education at NSU as a nervous 17-year-old and look forward to completing as an unwavering GG (it’s an acronym for Glamma Goddess, psst, I am aware I should say, grandmother). By the way, I absolutely adore my grandchildren! 

I am supposed to be talking about myself, but I mention my family. My children are a huge part of why I’m great.  Successes and obstacles (which only built character) keep me driven. Also, the love I have for my children/ grandchildren.

Periodically, I will showcase my family and friends endeavors.  As well as, other thriving local businesses. 

What does being great mean to you?

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Lastly, owning up to my misgivings, perseverance, and working on a better me is monumental. 

Find ways to focus on self-love, work on short-term goals, indulge in a hobby. Ultimately, greatness exudes from within us, not items of monetary value. Focus on having a peace of mind (I’m a work in progress). 

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