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It's time to get healthier

To begin, there are product links to start your journey below. However, if you’re on a budget, a walk around your neighborhood, incorporating yoga/meditating or a membership at your local recreation center could be as low as $30 per year for medicaid recipients.

With this in mind, check your eligibility for medical assistance here.  Also, portion control is a factor, increasing water, reducing/eliminating unhealthy foods and beverages.

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Recently, I was scrolling down my Instagram feed and recall when I thought 183 lbs (for me the largest while pregnant) was the biggest I’d get.  Unbeknownst to me, the  weight gain and vertigo  in 2016 were symptoms of a serious condition.  Not to mention, my twin had thyroid surgery.  Even still, my doctor ignored my concerns… so word of advice… be proactive… ask for specific lab work. 

It’s unfortunate… my twin and I share identical health problems.  She had thyroid cancer, therefore her’s was removed.  Now, she has an endocrinologist (thyroid/hormone specialist) to provide care.  In February 2019, at 193lbs, I became aware of my condition.

Currently, I’m down to 177 lbs (June 2019). I want to take control of my thyroid disorder, diabetes type 2, cholesterol, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression. I will be researching natural remedies, yet I’m preparing for what the doctor feels is best.  I’m hopeful the enlarged nodules will remain benign… and possibly diminish in size. 

Health issues are harder to cope with if you don’t get a handle on them, weight and stress will too. To add, medications will afflict you with other ailments at times… I can attest to that. Nevertheless, getting unwanted prescriptions is inevitable if you don’t take heed to what your body is telling you.  Some people don’t have a choice, they have to take meds.  

Another topic I want to touch on is mental health. I must say, PLEASE… reach out for help… if you can’t handle this alone.

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I decided to try these because of the benefits… to add… they could posssibly help with heart health and thyroid concerns. Unlike the other images that are links, you can find my referal link for GOLI here!

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