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2020 Vision

2020 Vision

To begin, my 2020 vision remains clear. Granted, the world is riddled with uncertainty.  Consequently, I decided against relocating to Texas, due to underlying health issues.  So, I’m revamping my business endeavors and will add new services.  Folks in my predicament should take heed to the warnings. It’s funny, I “planned” on sharing a post about my decision to leave, but here we are.

As it stands, I’m focused on indulging in me time while staying home.  Literally, I’ve talked about jamming with the guitar my sons bought me, Jellybean, for a decade!  It’s a shame, this crisis influenced me, but I’m taking an online guitar lesson course.  YouTube will be helpful too. Take this opportunity to find a hobby or scratch off your to do list. (Scrolled on my FB page to find this pic… heeheee!)


Honestly, this is the best time to seek work from home employment. I have jobs listed via my affiliate links. At the same token, I commend folks that are essential workers, because without them… the comforts we have at our humble abodes wouldn’t be possible.

To add, I am very THANKFUL.  I had so much I wanted to reflect on, but that’s the most important message to convey… be thankful,  find that balance/inner peace. Pray for those that are at a loss… pray for your own continued strength… we really don’t know what tomorrow will bring. My grandmother always said that… and it totally resonates with me today.

In closing, there is a plethora of Covid-19 information online… be aware… yet remain calm. Also, only use reputable sources for updates.  More importantly, if you need help please reach out.  Find a way to relax your mind… focusing on your mental is critical right now.

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