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Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month Financial Literacy Month is coming to a close, however, continue on #YourFinancialPath. My goal is inspiring/motivating/helping others to start businesses and to be self sufficient. Invest in your future and strive for more.  Every now and again, I’ve had to get a job. I managed two big box chains… did call center […]

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2020 Vision

2020 Vision To begin, my 2020 vision remains clear. Granted, the world is riddled with uncertainty.  Consequently, I decided against relocating to Texas, due to underlying health issues.  So, I’m revamping my business endeavors and will add new services.  Folks in my predicament should take heed to the warnings. It’s funny, I “planned” on sharing

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Arise – Work from Home

Be Your Own Boss This is an opportunity to independently work with companies via the Arise platform.  Why not make extra money from the comforts of your humble abode?  Call me at 757 840-RISE for your affiliate link. Once logged in, use my Agent ID# 1252009. Then my IB ID# 87004.  Call Center Business Do

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Shelly Land

Shelly Land To start, greetings all and thank you for visiting! This platform will be utilized to network, inform, and uplift.  I discuss our business in the About Us tab, however, allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Shel, Shel, s to the… just kidding, I love Jay Z.  Hi! I’m Shelly, and I’m

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